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Reed Valves

Metal Improvement Company manufactures reed valves for use in compressors, pump applications and combustion engines. Reed valves are precision stampings that operate in demanding environments. Tight manufacturing tolerances enable us to achieve optimal flatness for offering resistance to flexing fatigue and high contact loads.

reed valve manufacturing PERFORMANCE
We have developed the Stress-Lite process to extend the life of reed valves by as much as ten times. Stress-Lite finishing techniques provide specific surface finish and edge rounding requirements for durability. For highly demanding reed valve applications, we can combine Stress-Lite with shot peening. Following are reed valve performance results using Stress-Lite with and without shot peening:

  • As stamped - 47,000 cycles
  • With Stress-Lite - 62,000 cycles
  • With Stress-Lite and shot peening - 194,000 cycles
Our reed valve and ring valves typically perform well beyond design requirements.

reed valve manufacturingPRECISION
We start with the best tooling, designed to the closest tolerances between punch and die to yield a perfect edge. We then select the very best Swedish high carbon and stainless steels, manufactured exclusively for this industry to high tolerances of thickness, flatness and hardness. We blank these steels in the hardened condition (48-52 HRc), holding tolerances within tenths.

reed valve manufacturingPROTOTYPING
Metal Improvement Company's early participation at the design level for reed valves enables us to suggest alternatives for increasing efficiency and facilitating manufacturing, not only of the valve but also the compressor. We manufacture the majority of all our prototype reed valves and stops using Stress-Lite finishing and shot peening if required. These processes will yield reed valves that are virtually identical in dimension and performance to production level reed valves.

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